We gratefully acknowledge the following sponsors who have funded our research projects.

DoD Minerva Research Initiative "Terrorism, Governance, and Development," AFOSR Award No. FA9550-09-0314.

Army Research Office (ARO), "Measuring, Understanding, and Responding to Covert Social Networks: Passive and Active Tomography," through a sub-award from Harvard University under ARO MURI Award No. W911NF-11-1-0036.

CREATE, the National Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events, at the University of Southern California, sponsored by United States Department of Homeland Security, Award No. 2007-ST-061-000001.

Hoover Institution, Support of archival research, including MALSE.

International Growth Centre, "Political Violence in Pakistan – Understanding Subnational Patterns,” Award No. RA-2010-03-008 and “Monitoring Government Monitors in Punjab, Pakistan," Award No. RA-2010-08-011.

National Bureau of Economic Research

National Science Foundation (NSF): "NetSE: Medium: Robust Socio-Technological Networks: An Inter-disciplinary Approach to Theoretical Foundation and Experimentation," Award No. CNS-0905086 and “Governance, Development and Political Violence Workshop,” Award No. BCS-0904966.


USAID Development Innovation Ventures, “Measuring the Impact of Election Monitoring on Ballot Fraud and on Government Legitimacy in Afghanistan," Award No. M-OAA-GRO-G-00059.

United States Institute of Peace

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