Violence Prevention & De-escalation Resources for State & Local Officials

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Bridging Divides Initiative

This document is a compilation of relevant links and resources; last updated January 13, 2021

Compiled by: Georgetown's Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection, the Crime and Justice InstituteOver ZeroInstitute for Strategic DialogueMore in Common, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Princeton's Bridging Divides Initiative, and the Anti-Defamation League.

The purpose of this document is to help state and local officials anticipate the risks they face and respond. These resources help local leaders take four actions to mitigate violence:

(1) analyze risk

(2) understand state-specific laws and options for enforcing them

(3) build stakeholder engagement for high risk events

(4) communicate insights and guidance.

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Crime and Policing
Politics and Public Opinion
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Policy Report