Solving the Afghanistan Puzzle

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Hoover Digest

A new research program is using the Hoover Archives to study the original Russian-language records of the Soviet Union’s long involvement in Afghanistan, including the ten years of intense military conflict there. Dubbed Mining Afghan Lessons from Soviet Era (MALSE), the program explores ways in which the United States and coalition forces serving in Afghanistan might benefit from the Soviet experience, as reflected in primary sources. It seeks to draw out lessons for policy and decision makers, relying on not just historical insights but also modern data-analysis technology, and to advance scholarship. Hoover distinguished fellow George P. Shultz, a former secretary of state who guided U.S. foreign policy during most of the era of Soviet Afghan intervention, has called this project a “real-time use of the archives” to facilitate U.S. goals.

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Katya Drozdova

Hoover Digest, 2010 (4).

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Policy Article