Development Finance in Fragile States

Project Topics
Economic Development
Dates Covered
2020 - 2024
Project Leader


In collaboration with faculty across Princeton, and in strategic partnership with several international think tanks, we have launched a new “Research Community” on Development Finance in Fragile States. Our objective is to study new models of development finance in the interest of raising incomes in the world’s poorest countries. Current strands of research include agricultural finance in Pakistan, access to finance in West Africa, private sector development; and reconceptualizing sovereign risk in countries where violence is limited to certain specific regions. The project will generate both academic and policy-oriented studies.

In addition to Ethan Kapstein and Jacob Shapiro, the effort is spearheaded by Atif Mian, professor of economics, public policy and finance; Leonard Wantchekon, professor politics and international affairs; Ronnie Sircar, professor of operations research and financial engineering; Maria Mica Sviatchi, assistant professor of economics; and Helen V. Milner, professor of politics and international affairs.

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