Mindanao and Beyond: Competing Policies, Protracted Conflict, and Human Security

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Paul Oquist. September 2002. Fifth Peace Assessment Mission Report, UNDP PARAGON Regional Governance Programme
Abstract: This document consists of two highly interrelated reports. One is the Regional Peace and Development Learning Experience Study in Asia’s first report on the Philippines. It focuses on the reasons for the extreme protraction of the peace processes in that country. It proposes that a move beyond national security to a human security policy framework is an option to consider, as well as vigorous civil society action to create a peace movement to support governmental peace efforts. The other is the Fifth Policy Assessment for the Multi-Donor Support Group. It analyzes the peace process 2002 in relation to the MILF, the MNLF, the peace and order situation, the international context, the new Bangsamoro generation, and three factors that could make “autonomy for peace and development” fail in the Southern Philippines. These factors consist of : 1) electoral autonomy, 2) fiscal autonomy, and 3) land and resources autonomy.