Evaluating U.S. Foreign Assistance to Afghanistan

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John F. Kerry. Majority Staff Report Prepared for the Use of the U.S Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, One Hundred Twelfth Congress, First Session, June 8, 2011. Also available at Abstract: This report takes a close look at how the United States is spending civilian aid dollars in Afghanistan to make sure we are pursuing the most effective strategy in support of our national security objectives. We spend more on aid to Afghanistan than any other country and the environment in which the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) operate is difficult and dangerous. With the upcoming transition to an Afghan security lead in 2014 and the increased responsibilities our civilians will absorb from the military, we have a critical planning window right now to make any necessary changes to support a successful transition. This report is meant to continue a close working relationship between the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Obama administration on ensuring that our assistance programs in the region meet their objectives. Given this committee’s jurisdiction to conduct oversight of the State Department and USAID and the levels of funding in Afghanistan, I asked the committee’s majority staff to conduct a thorough review of U.S. civilian assistance. This report is the product of two years of staff research and travel. It is intended to provide constructive and timely guidance for administration officials at every level who are working to guarantee that our taxpayer-financed aid to Afghanistan is spent in the most effective and efficient manner possible.