Grupo de Memoria Histórica (GMH) Basta Ya Datasets on Violence in Colombia

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The Grupo de Memoria Histórica (GMH) has provided 8 datasets on different forms of violence through 2012 as follows: - Kidnapping, Municipality-day, 1970-2012 - Mines, Municipality-month, 1982-2012 - Terrorist Attacks, Municipality-day, 1988-2012 - Property/Asset Damage, Municipality-day, 1988-2012 - Attacks on Settlements/Communities, Municipality-day, 1988-2012 - Civilian deaths (collateral damage), Municipality-day, 1988-2012 - Civilian deaths (selective assassinations), Municipality-day, 1981-2012 - Massacres, Municipality-day, 1980-2012 These datasets form the basis of the report that the GMH produced, Basta Ya. Information on the relevant event type, unit of analysis, time span, observations, and sources is available in Table 1. The sources are predominantly a mix of human rights reports and press, and the datasets vary in their completeness and biases. Within the datasets, the source is listed, and according to chapter 1 of Basta Ya, the group made an effort to avoid inclusion of duplicate events. With the exception of the data on anti-personnel mines, Colombian government data are not included in these datasets. Further, data on sexual violence, disappearances, and child recruitment are not provided, in order to protect privacy. The subfile link above provides access to an excel table summarizing the eight GMH datasets.

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Municipality-day (for mines municipality-month)