89 Neighborhoods in Baghdad

Data Type
Geographic Data


Vector dataset of the 89 neighborhoods in Baghdad in shapefile format. WGS84 projection, lat/long coordinates. The neighborhoods were geo-referenced from a map provided by the UN's Humanitarian Information Center for Iraq (HIC). The map was accessed from the HIC website on February 4, 2010, but the link is no longer accessible so a pdf of the HIC map is provided here as a subfile. The HIC recently announced that the United Nations Assistance mission for Iraq (UNAMI) has assumed the role of providing the latest information; for more details see their website at http://www.hiciraq.org/main.asp (accessed April 4, 2012). If you use this map for your own research, please cite: Weidmann, Nils B. and Idean Salehyan. 2013. "Violence and Ethnic Segregation: A Computational Model Applied to Baghdad”. International Studies Quarterly (forthcoming). Available at http://nils.weidmann.ws/publications/weidmann12baghdad.

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