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The Counterinsurgency Debate
Author(s): Andrew C. Shaver
The National Interest, 29th April 2014


America Can’t Do Much About ISIS
The Atlantic, April 20th 2016
China is fueling a new ‘resource curse’ — and riots around the world
Author(s): Renard Sexton
The Washington Post, Monkey Cage, April 25 2018
How We Can Kill Terrorism With Kindness
Author(s): Jacob N. Shapiro
The Time, January 5th 2017
Islamic State's New Strategy Is Suicidal
Bloomberg View, December 2nd 2015
Solving the Afghanistan Puzzle
Hoover Digest, 2010 (4).


Here’s why we can only contain the Islamic State, not bomb it back to the Stone Age
The Monkey Cage Blog at The Washington Post, December 1, 2015