Jane Esberg

Future of Conflict Fellow

Jane Esberg is an ESOC Fellow working on collaborative projects with International Crisis Group. She is a PhD Candidate in Political Science at Stanford University. Her research centers on authoritarian repression, with a focus on historical dictatorships in Latin America and Spain. In her dissertation, she uses new micro-data on political killings, detention, exile, search and seizure, and pop culture censorship to understand variation in the targets and tools of repression during the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile (1973-1989). Results demonstrate that repression served not just to eliminate opposition, but to appeal to supporters. Jane is a Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellow and Dissertation Fellow at the Institute for Research in the Social Sciences. She was previously a fellow at the Center for Ethics in Society. Her research has been supported by a Graduate Research Opportunities Award, the Freeman Spogli Institute, Stanford's Center on International Security and Cooperation, the Stanford Center for International Conflict and Negotiation, and the Europe Center. Before starting graduate school, she worked at the NYU Center on International Cooperation as a program officer. She holds a BA in International Relations with Honors in International Security Studies, also from Stanford.