Micodata Catalogue of the Data Center by the Universidad de Los Andes


The Microdata Catalogue of the Data Center offers the following data:

-The Municipal panel CEDE consolidated into a single database, information at the municipal level. This panel presents information on general characteristics of the municipalities, fiscal variables, conflict and violence, agriculture and land and education.

-The Electoral databases compiled the election results of the Presidency, Senate, House, Interior, Departmental Assembly, Mayor and City Council in Colombia from 1958-2011.

-The Displaced Household Survey collects detailed information about the migration process of displaced households, socioeconomic conditions and access to social services in the municipalities of origin and reception, linking to labor markets, the desire to return, consumption homes, land tenure and agricultural production assets and

-The Social Survey and Policy was developed by the Faculty of Economics at the Universidad de los Andes hand company market research and consulting Invamer SA, and reveals the view Colombians on various economic, political, social and personal wellness.